Trekking Pole

If you are trekking as a first time, then you might be wondering what the pole-like substances are in both hands of trekkers. Do they serve any purpose or are they just as fashion equipment while trekking? It would not be a bad idea to find out more about more about trekking poles and why they are becoming an integral part of any professional or experienced trekker. It also is known as hiking pole. Basically, it is a ski pole and comes with a handle which you can make use when you are hiking. They always are used in pairs though there are few who use a single pole also known as hiking staff. There are obviously a number of benefits and advantages using these poles and it would be interesting to have closer look at the same.

They Help in Reducing Pressure On Legs

When trekkers have to cover long distances over rough terrain, their feet and leg often come under quite a bit of strain. Hence, using these poles could help put lesser burden on the legs and give some relief to the feet and soles. This is all the more useful when you have heavy luggage on your back and which you have to haul long distances. When climbing steeps, these poles could also provide you with the extra support you need.


It Helps Cross Streams & Water Fronts

If you have to cross streams with small amounts of water these poles could come in very handy. When negotiating slippery rocks in streams these two poles could offer invaluable support especially when the rocks on which you keep the feet are slippery and oddly shaped.

You Could Push Across Unwanted Plants And Shrubs

When you are trekking it is quite obvious that you will come across some poisonous plants and trees like oaks, nettles and ivy trees. You could use these poles to gently push these trees aside and make a way for yourself without having to touch them.

Hence there are obviously a number of benefits when you use the right trekking poles after researching and identifying the specific needs.